Message From The School Management


President: Mr. N.K. Handa                            Director: Mrs. Sushma Handa

It gives us immense pleasure by setting up a school named “The Gurukul” to provide the opportunities of education particularly to the students of area. We think “Education is the only path that can lead us to the light of knowledge and wisdom. It is the only force that can liberate mankind from ignorance deliver us from gloom of hopelessness to the zenith of hope.”

We live in an age of continued darkness, unable to distinguish the shadow of the uncertain, from the veil of the unknown. And, it is from this, that we can access the true power of good education. If nothing else, it enables us to pull aside the veil, to cast a light upon the morass of ignorance. It will be an ongoing Endeavour that “The Gurukul” is able to give its students, an opportunity to shine, and to cast that shining light to a great distance.

Here, we attempt to create an environment which is conducive for learning so that all children feel able and encouraged to become successful learner. We focus academic pursuits, along with a wide range of extra-curricular and co curricular activities with a blend of best values from the east and west help in making its students ‘Sarva Gunn Sampan’, Students at “The Gurukul” therefore grow to become mature and responsible global citizens. The team at “The Gurukul” consists of experienced and dynamic teachers, who in their quest for excellence dedicatedly follow the motto “Learn Well, Teach Well”. We provide the best infrastructural facilities and all the prerequisites of a memorable, enjoyable, healthy, and a wonderful school life.

We sincerely hope “The Gurukul” school will provide happiness and fulfillment for generations to come and beautifully shape lives of its students year after year.

Committed we stand to give wings to every dream of your children and promise to turn it into a beautiful reality.